3 Easy To Follow Close Up Photography Tips That Exploit Your Macro Lenses For Stunning Macro Shots

Close-Up Photography Tips #1 – Overcome Hurdles Faced With Shallow Depth-Of-FieldAt times when conducting close-up photography, you may not be able to keep the whole subject in focus. This is especially common when photographing outdoors on a windy day.Hence, you must be able to make your decision and choose exactly which part of your subject would you rather have emphasized through sharp focus.The advantage to using a macro lens is that our eyes do not look at the world the way a macro lens does.Hence, photographers can use this to go wild with creativity and to produce very interesting photographs. One thing you can try is to make some part of your subject appear looking “invisible”.This is something you can achieve as long as you select the right aperture carefully, also when you selectively focus on different areas of your subject.Close-Up Photography Tips #2 – Essential Macro Photography AccessoriesThroughout my years of experience in the photography arena, I have come across and used so many accessories. I find this one accessory to be the most useful when it comes to close-up photography and this accessory is a fine-focus unit.This unit enables me to make slight adjustments towards the camera’s position. I can adjust the camera to be positioned sideways so that I can fine-tune the composition. Otherwise, I can opt to have it go forward and backward for fine focusing.It is no doubt very frustrating and a time-consuming when you have to move the camera and tripod around your subject to compose stunning close-up shots.This is because the movements you’re required to make are normally really small ones while you have to recompose the shot with every little adjustments you make.Hence, whenever I conduct close-up photography in a studio, I’d leave my camera and tripod at their position. Instead of moving and adjusting the camera and tripod, I’d rearrange or readjust the subject in order to experiment the suitable angles that will give me the macro shot I want.Close-Up Photography Tips #3 – What Makes A True Macro Lens?You might have noticed that many standard zoom lenses claim to offer macro settings. Even so, this does not necessarily mean that these zoom lenses are genuine alternatives to dedicated macro lenses.What exactly is macro photography? This photography genre is simply a photograph of a subject that is shot at a magnification of 1:1 (life-size) or so. Hence, the image of the subject is captured and it appears to look the exact same size as it is in reality, otherwise larger.Try this out yourself. You will notice that even zoom lenses that claim to have ‘macro’ abilities are not able to produce such results.

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